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No Matter What Curve Balls
Life Throw's You

Follow Your Own Path....

Hi There, I'm Averil Stuart,

From an early age, I've always found satisfaction and solace in making art, but my real artistic journey began when I followed my heart, took a leap of faith and moved from New Zealand to a small medieval village called Introdacqua, in the hills surrounding the beautiful, ancient city of Sulmona, in Abruzzo, Italy. 

It was in these mountains, in our ancient wine cellar/now art studio, where, for 10 years, I knuckled down to hone various art skills and techniques. 

Since then, I've gone on to exhibiting my work, mainly in my own little gallery and throughout

Italy, USA, Australia and NZ.

I want my work to bring me peace, joy, excitement, challenges and a reason to get up in the morning - if others find the same in my work, then it's a bonus.


I have a practical approach and definition of - art.

Initially, my background was in traditional, American-style quilt-making moving onto pushing the boundaries in textile art and textural collage.

New Zealand, as you know, is world renown for its fine wool, so a few years ago, I expanded my artistic boundaries into exploring and learning about felting: using fabulous NZ merino and other rare breed wools, raw wool and alpaca wool.

I now produce a range of felted wall art, felted clothing and other interior designs, cushions, bed and sofa throws etc.

From there, moving into eco-dyeing with leaves and nature onto silk scarves and merino clothing was a natural progression.

You can find my designs here on my  Etsy Store


For a number of years, I've been exploring abstract/mixed media art and have found a multitude of new techniques to incorporate into my work that allows the viewer to continually discover elements they might not have seen in their initial purchase or viewing. This layered method enables me to utilise the myriad of vintage memorabilia, the beautiful linens and embroideries I've collected on my travels around Italy and Europe.

Giving these, sometimes stained and well-used beauties, another go at life, is a constant source of delight.



Finding Order Amongst the Chaos.

Tips on how to view my art:


Prior to becoming an abstract/mixed media artist, I couldn't even look at an abstract painting. I would merely pass it by without even a glance. Abstract art scared me, it made me afraid, because I thought there was a secret or something hidden and I didn't want to say anything per se, as I may appear stupid, or worse, sound stupid!

Since I've been around the art world now for over 30 years and...

Read more, go to my Blog


I live by these quotes daily:

"Life is like ART - it's all about taking RISKS"

"Trust in yourself and follow your own path, not that of someone else"


You can follow me each week on Substack as I share

'My Haiku - My Art - My Life

I love to converse with fellow kindred spirits on the Internet - so don't hesitate to reach out.


 Other Stuff:

From 2017 until 2021, I've taken time away from my art practice to concentrate on other business interests with my husband - but I'm now back in my studio on a daily basis.


2016: March 8th: NZ Life and Leisure Magazine: March/April 2016: An article about my textile journeys in Italy: 'That's Amore'
2015: December: Featured on Artsy Shark artist website: Artsy Shark feature
2015: June: Featured in The Thread Studio E Mag Infusion9
2015: May: Featured in Australian Downunder Textiles Magazine issue # 19.
2015: May: Gave a talk and showed my work at Christchurch Quilters.
2015: May: Arts Council Nelson Exhibition: (Juried) Changing Threads.....'Capestrano Warrior Unearthed # 1' Held at Refinery Artspace, Nelson: May 16th to June 6th.
2015: April: The Mail, local newspaper: An article relating to 'Messages for Gallipoli'
2015: Feb: NZ Quilt Symposium Manawatu. Out and About Exhibition. (Juried) 'Fantasy Forest'
2014: Published in Linda Seward's book The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting: Surface Design (Fantasy Forest)
2013 April: Article in Sulmona:
2012: SAQA Exhibition European Du Patchwork, France. Wide Horizons lll.... (Juried) 'Fantasy Forest'
2010: 'Legato' Exhibition. Cassino, Italy,
2010: Onda TV Interview about 'Images of Introdacqua'
2010: SAQA Exhibition Creative Force....... (Juried) 'Images of Introdacqua'
2010: SAQA Exhibition No Place to call home......(Juried) 'Where do we go From Here'
2009/10/11/12/13/14/15 Introdacqua: Eva's Arte Galleria Every August
2007: Florence Biennale
1998: Staveley NZ(Solo)
My art is in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Italy and USA.